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The stealing sh*t design workflow

Corinne Kubik
Tuesday 24 March 2015

Anna and I have developed a design workflow over the last couple of projects that we've worked on together. We’ve found it really useful in the early stages of the design process when you want to come up with lots of ideas and explore different things before deciding on something to refine. It goes like this:



We work in Illustrator for all our designs. For each run through of the process we save out our files and create a new version before we steal from each other. This allows us to keep a full history of the ideas we’ve explored.

The time to meet back can vary throughout the process, we decide it after the show and tell step. It could be anything from 15 minutes to a few hours, it just depends on what stage you both feel you’re at and how much time you think you need.

A few of the reasons we like the stealing sh*t workflow:

•   When working alone you often exhaust what you can come up with and start repeating the same thing. Using this workflow constantly injects new ideas into your work.

•   The set time to meet back gives you a deadline to work towards, forcing you to keep up the pace and come up with something to show.

•   It prevents ownership of ideas, you’ve both contributed to it along the way.

The stealing sh*t design workflow