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Scotts sign off

Scott Moselen
Wednesday 8 April 2015

I'm off to Melbourne next week, so after nearly 2 years, it’s time to bid farewell to the crew here at Frontend. Upon finishing my studies in both graphic design and web development, my plan was to get a taste of the game at a well established digital agency, and I don’t think I could have been given a better opportunity than working at here.

Originally hired as a Frontend Developer/Designer, the intention was that I would be dividing my time about 70/30 between development/design. Opportunities arose to focus more on the design side of things, before transitioning to a full time UI design position. Simon was super supportive and encouraging of this move, even suggesting I take on life drawing classes (being that they’ve aided his design skills), which I’m definitely planning on keeping on with in the future.

Obviously I learned a whole lot about the professional practises of the design/development workflow at Frontend, but also took note of the way Simon runs the business, as he’s always been very transparent and upfront about what’s going on. As I see it, there’s no real ‘behind the scenes’ to Frontend, and it’s been really eye opening to see how projects funnel down through the pipeline from initial contact and discussions, through to briefs and lists of deliverables.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge of working on a wide variety of projects throughout my time here, from smaller, one-off web sites, to larger projects for our corporate clients such as The Radio Bureau, Spark Digital and MTF (Motor Trade Finance).

The client I've spent the most time working with would be MTF. Within the first couple of weeks at Frontend, I was tasked with taking on the MTF seasonal poster illustrations. Adobe Illustrator is by far my favourite tool, so I relished the opportunity. Working alongside Simon as art director, we set out to really evolve the style of these posters. This involved experimenting with different perspectives, developing some really unique colour palettes, and bringing through a quirky, friendliness to the brand.

For the last 6 months we’ve been working on some really exciting projects for MTF that are still in development, and it’s been awesome to see the illustrations help inform the approach. Watch this space!

I’ve really valued the company culture inherent to Frontend, and social highlights for me would be our monthly video competitions, shared lunches, xmas boat trips and 4 square/2 square competitions. It’s been awesome being part of such a tight-knit, intelligent team, and throughout my time here Simon, James, Anna, Corinne and Dan have all blown my mind with their lofty levels of knowledge, professionalism and appreciation for low brow humour.

The team

Really looking forward to seeing what Frontend produces in the future, so of course I’ll stay lurking this here blog/site!

Scotts sign off