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Near miss for Frontend's Mascot

Kelly Milligan
Thursday 18 April 2013


It was almost a disastrous day for Frontend’s resident Kingfisher.


You might have seen an animation inspired by him flying around our old website...

Simon found him in the middle of Valley Road, scared and in shock. Simon scooped him up and brought him back to the office.

The Kingfisher sat at the front door in shock. His beak wide open, standing statue like except for some exasperated breathing. He didn't even seem to notice us being so up-close. 

We wrapped him in a teatowel and sat down to keep him company; SPCA on the way.


Slowly he came out of his shocked – survival mode - state.

He closed is beak, slowed his breathing and began looking around curiously. After a few more minutes he was back in action, flying straight out the door up to his common perch on the powerlines.


The Frontend Kingfisher lives another day!

Kudos goes to Simon for making the effort to save this beautiful bird.

Near miss for Frontend's Mascot