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It’s kind of a big deal

Anna E. Saunders
Friday 4 April 2014

The new Frontend site is up and dazzling all corners of the interweb.

We wanted something fresh, tasty and relevant [insert other buzz words like "pop" here].
But really.
We don't talk that kind of way.
And our primary objective wasn't to make things pretty, nor laden the site with high-res images of work we've done – anxiously waiting for people to acknowledge our brilliance.

It’s to convey the essence and core of why Frontend Design exists. We’re here to make our clients’ clients’ happy.

Our focus at Frontend has always being user-centered – basing our strategy around the end user and the device they are most likely to use.

Therefore our approach was to base the whole site on the end user and the journeys they undertake.

Within the Discovery phase of a project, we hold workshops with our clients. In these sessions we validate our thinking by creating user personas.

They usually have odd names, but are a fun and realistic way of testing ideas – relating them back to the people who would use the end product.  This approach allows us to make appropriate decisions at the early stage of a project.

We ditched the grid system and cut loose. With hand sketched illustrations reminiscent of Simon and his life-drawing classes – we defined a new, simple-style of design which matches our process.

The site is responsive all the way down to mobile. You could be viewing this at a cafe on your smart phone or on your laptop horizontal on your couch. We've got all bases covered. The build is robust, the nonexistent grid proved a successful challenge for Kelly.

I could talk about the meticulous refinement of type-size and leading, but I’d rather you just enjoy.

From the team here at Frontend, GHOGH.


Feel good,



It’s kind of a big deal