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Growing your business from within

Simon Dickey
Wednesday 3 September 2014

Growing your business from within

Imagine a place where your customers are so loyal to you because you have made it very easy for them to get what they need.

Businesses are often caught up in growing their customer base through slick marketing to attract new and existing customers to their product or service; because you have created a need that will make their lives better.

However we often spend a whole raft of money acquiring the customers but then drop the ball in providing a high level of service once you have them onboard.

I have just shifted my business from one telco provider to another because I wasn’t loved. I noticed new products and services out there that were way better than what I was paying for. But hay, we are not a big company, probably have a total spend of $12k per year on mobile, phone and broadband but it is still $12k. Multiply that by ten companies like mine and that starts to add up.

It’s not until you advise them you are going elsewhere that they get down on their knees and beg you, with great offers, to stay. Sound a little familiar?

However on a positive note, banks have been leading the way in providing kick ass, online self-service. They have provided the right tools, at the right time, on the right device. And customers prefer it this way.

It seems however that business to business self-service is lagging behind the wave of business to consumer self-service. 

If you can deliver a better service to your customer than through traditional forms of call centres and account managers then that would be the ultimate goal. Your cost of service will drop, however the customer loyalty to your brand will grow stronger.

Frontend is currently working on a raft of self-service projects with a solid user-centred design approach, which begins with researching customers’ needs and understanding their journeys and behaviours. 

Once you hit the wireframe and design stages you can easily test your designs with paper or HTML prototypes before investing into any software development.

I have seen several businesses that have decided user testing is not important and gone straight into software development only to find out customers are not using it. The common reasons are due to timeframes, budget or the business thinks they know what their customers need. 

Having an adaptable design and test process allows you to make changes very quickly and to retest again with other users which enable you to progressively improve the user experience early on in the project.

This will always be a continuous process as the business and customer needs change. Adopting a user-centred approach in your organisation will deliver customer loyalty and repeat business.

Growing your business from within