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Fresh perspective

Anna E. Saunders
Friday 2 October 2015

I recently went on holiday for two weeks to the Pacific Islands. It was a time of unwinding, relaxing, and getting back to nature.

On the flight there, we were told to switch our phones to flight mode so we weren't sending or receiving any signals. I decided to leave it on flight mode for the duration of my travels (with the exception of turning on the Wi-Fi briefly to tell Mum I had landed safely - Mum's need to know these things).

The disconnection from technology was a breath of fresh air.

When I returned to New Zealand and switched my device back on and went on the internet for the first time I felt a whole new perspective. I was able to discern important information from the fluff on a whole new level.

To improve things you don't always have to add things. Asking important questions like "what is the key message, what am I trying to achieve" will help you evaluate what is necessary in a design. Remember that taking things away could indeed be an improvement, if you're left with nothing more you need to take away then perhaps then you've nailed it.

Taking yourself out of what you're 'in' is valuable as you're able to somewhat 'reset' your brain's thinking about what you do and how you approach challenges.

That's it from me for now.




Fresh perspective